What our members (Past and present) have to say...

Paul Kirkland - Business Development Manager and our current  Vice President Education (VPE)
"I joined “Toastmasters” because I wanted to master the art of public speaking. It was also a fear of mine that I needed to conquer, and I did. I have now completed the first 10 speeches to achieve the reward of “Competent Communicator”. The way Toastmasters members encourage you and guide you to become a competent speaker is second to none. I use my new-found skills to address groups in my work life as well as private life. Knowing how to structure a speech and deliver it has given me the confidence to convey my message, leaving the audience with something to think about!"

“I joined Toastmasters to learn how to control my stutter. These days, the stutter is well under control and I am much more confident in my communication and leadership skills. I’m now committed to helping others.” - Ron Steffan, Southport

“Joining Helensvale Toastmasters was one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made. Gaining confidence in communicating has helped me in my work and my private life. As a Toastmaster, you are part of the journey other members take in developing into confident and skillful speakers. It's a lot of fun, keeps the grey matter healthy and there have been so many interesting and entertaining stories told.” - Jutta Masterton, Molendinar.

“Helensvale Toastmasters has given me the tools and skill to speak at any forum or event with complete confidence. The early morning start at 7.00am is invigorating, as it starts the day with a ZEST. I always leave Toastmasters with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a feeling of: I’m glad I went today.” - Beverley Bradbery, Office Manager.

“An inspiring and friendly meeting once a week has provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to stand before an audience, andexpress myself clearly and professionally. I am proud of my public speaking achievements through being a member of HelensvaleDaybreak Toastmasters as it has opened many new doors of opportunity.” - Robert Simmons, Civil Marriage Celebrant.

"As a Sales Manager I required presentation skills to deliver important messages and information to customers, prospective clients and staff.  Toastmasters has helped me understand the structure of a well presented speech, keynote presentation, powerpoint presentation and improve my story telling skills which ensures the audience is engaged and interested in what I have to say."
Janet Rayner - Sales Manager

“Toastmasters has enabled me to be much more confident with public speaking and helped me to understand the process of communication more effectively, due to its excellent programs.” - John Simic, Business Development Manager.

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