Frequently Asked Questions about Helensvale Daybreak Toastmasters Club.

1. What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit educational organisation.

Through its member clubs, Toastmasters International helps men and women learn the arts of speaking, listening , thinking  plus giving and receiving effective feedback and leadership skills .

80% of members joined a club in order to improve communication skills and more than 50% joined a club in order to conquer their fear of public speaking or to increase their self esteem.

Many people stay in TMI for ongoing personal growth and development as well as leadership training and for the social aspect..

Joining a Toastmasters club, not only provides a plan for improvement and growth, but also gives an opportunity to interact with others who share many of your own concerns and goals.

2. What happens at a meeting?

The best way to find out what happens is to come along as a guest to one of our meetings and experience it for yourself. A typical program can be viewed on the website/blog and other features include:

  • Weekly interactive fun & dynamic meetings;
  • Small friendly supportive group,
  • Self-paced structured programs,
  • Writing and presenting prepared speeches,
  • Impromptu speaking,
  • Evaluations – where you learn to give and receive constructive feedback to/from fellow members. This is a very important part of Toastmasters.
  • varied meeting roles, conducting meetings, Club officer roles,
  • Minimal financial investment etc.

3. Morning, Lunch time or Evening?

Most toastmasters clubs meet in the evening, however, we feel Helensvale Daybreak’s early morning start allows you to fit more into your day.

4. Is there an age limit?

Members have to be aged 18 and over. Our members have ranged from 18 to 86 years of age and they come from all walks of life and all areas of the Gold Coast.

5. What time do you meet and where?

We meet at 6:45am for a 7am  start every Wednesday morning at the Helensvale Community Centre, Helensvale and finishes at 8am.

6. How much does it cost to join? Approximately US $65.00 for 6 months.

The cost for a new member is broken down as follows:

New member Fee $US 20.00  Paid only by new members. This fee covers the cost of the new member kit and processing by toastmasters International.


Membership dues: Paid every 6 months: US $45.00 (in October and April) by all members,  thus US $90.00 per year.
Note: As a new member, the dues are pro-rated from the month you join up in the 6 month membership period. 

Thus,   if you  join up in Oct  or Apr, new member dues = US $45.00;
            if you join in Nov or May = US $37.50;
            in Dec or June = US $30.00;
January or July = US $22.50;
             Feb or August = US $15.00;
             March or September = US $7.50
Total payment in US$ = New member  fee plus Membership dues (as explained above) 
eg. if you join in April you would pay US$ 20.00 + 45.00  = US $65.00.

If you join in March, you would pay US$ 20.00 + 7.50  = US $27.50, However, you will  then be asked to pay the semi- annuals with the rest of the club members in Apr . an extra (AU $65.00) for the next 6 months. (it sounds much more complicated than it actually is!) 

7. Why US $ (dollars) you may ask?

As all membership dues are paid direct to the Toastmasters International Headquarter in the USA, - All new membership are paid via credit card to ensure  correct exchange rate in US$.

However, Ongoing Membership fees are paid direct to the Helensvale daybreak Club in AU $

8. Are there any further costs involved? 

Yes. There is a small Weekly fee for hire of hall and other club expenses: Each member pays:
AU $3.00 per meeting attended

9. In a nut shell - the current cost of being a Member  of Toastmasters International is not much more than the cost of a mug of coffee per week.

Currently, members pay $3.00/wk and $65.00 twice per year.
 Now, that must surely be the  cheapest personal growth and development course you will find around.

9. Toastmasters International Magazine:
Every month, all paid up members receive the TMI magazine by post and also available as a download in digital format. This magazine is jam packed with relevant articles and useful information. The TMI website is also a very useful resource available to members.

10. Why join up:
As you can see it is very reasonable and very worthwhile organisation to be involved in – a great supportive learning environment to improve both  your communication and leadership skills.

11. How do I join up? 

When you come along to our meeting, you will be given a  membership Application form, Completed forms are then submitted online to TI by our club membership officer.

What our members (Past and present) have to say...