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Make a difference - 2018 Area 34 conference

Report by Ursula Beatty
Everyone  did Make a Difference at this years Area 34 conference and speech contests,  held at the  Helensvale Community centre, in Helensvale. Well attended (50 +) by members and guests  of Helensvale Daybreak, Southport Toastmasters, Club Runaway 2000, Southport Endeavour and Griffith Guild Toastmasters clubs. 

The contests were a great success (See results below) and so was the  mostly environmentally friendly  catering - I'm pleased to report, we managed to achieve the goal of zero disposable cups, plates, cutlery and single use water bottles. Well done team Area 34 for making this difference! 

The TEDx style Educational and guest speakers Carolyn Shaw and Elaina Massey were amazing and very enthusiastically received.  (see Video links below) So many attendees indicated they are  keen to  start using their TM Communication and leadership skills to make a difference in the world by sharing  ideas and topics they are passionate about via  TEDx style talks.  How inspiring is that! Well done to all. (For more details, see below).

Theme for the 2018 Area 34 conference: Make a difference. and make a difference we did!

Proud sponsor: Club Helensvale AKA The Helensvale Bowls Club, 20-28 Discovery Drive, Helensvale.
Club Helensvale is your place to be on the Gold Coast for dining, free live music, competition lawn bowls and barefoot bowls. Awarded Bowls club Australia Best bowls club in 2016.   Thanks Club Helensvale for your generous support! Also to the Gold Coast City Council for printing all the conference  booklets.
This made a difference to our costs, allowing us to  keep the entrance fee to $10.00. 

Speech contests results at a glance:
Evaluation Contest: 1st place: Hannah Castellijn; 2nd Place - Viv Capes; 3rd: Brett Ruehland
Humorous contest: 1st place: Pat Kennelly; 2nd Place: Tom O'Sullivan; 3rd: Shane Kardos
Table Topics Contest: 1st Place: Alex Wells; 2nd Place: Scotty Gregory;  
International contest: 1st Place: Brett O'Bree; 2nd Place Hannah Castellijn; 3rd: Ben Cox

Area 34 director, Conference chair (Convenor)  and MC, Ursula Beatty..

Above: Test speaker for the Evaluation contest: Christine Cobden from Upper Coomera TM club and below: with Laura Langford (Southport TM), the Evaluation Contest Toastmaster
to view the video of Christine's speech "Kid with a kid":   click Christine Cobden - Kid with a Kid 

Evaluation contest participants:  Shane Kardos (Southport Endeavour), Hannah Castelijn (Helensvale Daybreak), Brett Ruehland (Griffith Guild), Sandeye Walpola (Club Runaway 2000), Viv Capes (Southport) and Laura Langford (Southport), Evaluation contest toastmaster.

Evaluation contest place getters: Brett Ruehland (3rd); Viv Capes (2nd), Hannah Castelijn (1st Place) with Evaluation contest Toastmaster Laura Langford. 

 Humorous contest Toastmasters Taryn Mansfield (far right) assisted by Emily Valiontis (Southort Endeavour) and the Humorous contest participants: Shane Kardos (Souport Endeavour), Pat Kennelly (Southport), and Tom O'Sullivan (Helensvale Daybreak)   
Humorous contest Toastmasters Emily Valiontis and Taryn Mansfield (Southport Endeavour) and Area 34 Director,  Ursula Beatty congratulate the Humorous contest placegetters: Shane Kardos (3rd Place); Tom O'Sullivan (2nd Place) and Pat Kennelly (1st Place).

Educational: Talk like TED
As a huge fan of the educational and inspirational online videos of TED and TEDx talks,  I was surprised to learn many people who saw the flyers for the conference wondered who or what is TED?
TED stands for  Technology, Entertainment and Design. The talks originally focused on  sharing  new ideas or ideas worth spreading in these three fields. However, these days TED talks are for any idea worth spreading ( in any field).
Talks are generally no longer than 18min.Usually the talks are given in front of a live audience;  recorded and then accessible by anyone online. TEDx are independently  run TED conferences. 'X' also stands for the multiplier effect of these short, very well prepared and  compelling talks. Something all Toastmaster members can aspire to, with the skills we learn and practice at each meeting and particularly those participating in Speech contests..  

Ursula Beatty thanks Carolyn Shaw for her inspirational TEDx style educational on Talk like TED - how to give a TEDx style talk. Click on Carolyn Shaw's TEDx style educational - Talk like TED  to view the video.

Participants of the table topics contest: Scotty Gregory (Helensvale), Viv Capes (Southport), Grant Stevens (Southport Endeavour), Alex Wells (Griffith Guild) with Table Topics Toastmaster, Valerie Sutton (Club Runaway2000)

Area Director Ursula Beatty and Contest toastmaster Valerie Sutton congratulate the Table topics placegetters: Scotty Gregory (2nd Place) and Alex Wells (1st Place).

Guest Speaker Elaina Massey did a wonderful TEDx style talk "Children are out future" :  CLick on Elaina Massey - Children are our future to view the video.

Winner of the Southport Endeavour achievement award: Shane Kardos with  Area director & MC, Ursula Beatty 

International Contest participants: Brett O'Bree (Southport), Hannah Castelijn (Helensvale) and Ben Cox (Southport Endeavour) with International contest toastmaster, Sarafina Zubovic (Helensvale daybreak).
International contest toastmaster Sarafina Zubovic with Place getters: Brett O' Bree (1st Place), Hannah Castelijn (2nd Place) and Ben Cox (3rd Place)

Thanks to the many people who were involved in the organising and running of this event including the following: 

 Thanks to Chief  Judge, Francesca Thorn and all the Judges: Yvonne Selleck , SD Director (Also for providing the delicious baked goods for morning Tea), Teresa Brake, Marianne Geevers (also Parliamentarian), Alison Cleavers, Garry Euston, Garry Jardine with  Area 34 Director, Ursula Beatty.

Thanks to 'Mr Hawaii' Garry Jardine for joining me in  bringing some  Hawaiian flavour to the conference. He recons a Hawaiian clothing theme would have made a difference! 

Thanks to Tom O'Sullivan for assisting with sponsorship and doing the conference booklet. And Maureen Plowman (Catering Assistant) and Viv Capes who did a wonderful job organising the catering. Thanks also to the CafĂ© Divine at Hopewell who gave Viv a loan of cutlery for the occasion. We also provided a  large container of filtered drinking water  and some glasses.  And to those attendees who chose to make a difference by bringing their own water bottles and cups, bless you! 
The Helensvale community centre should also be congratulated for retaining its supply of crockery for use by hirers in the kitchen, providing extra cups and plates. It would be great if all of the community centres did this to allow the hirers to cut down on disposable plates/cups etc. A water filter would also be a fabulous addition to provide water refills!
            Thanks to Rod Dixon for the Sound/Av and also for printing all the certificates. And to Janet Douglas for conference Treasurer and registrations. Rod, Janet, Francesca and Emily are mentors and organisers for the Southport Endeavour Toastmasters club - they do an amazing selfless job.

Well done to all those who attended and especially to the contestants for giving us the main reason for organising these annual conferences. Best wishes to the winners of each contest and particularly Hannah from Helensvale Daybreak who will be going on to represent Area 34 at the Southern Division conference on 16th March 2019. 
Thank you to everyone who made a difference to the success of the A34 conference.

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