Friday, June 15, 2018

It's Official: Welcome New Executive Committee

Report by Peter Preston VPPR.
We held our official Committee Changeover at the Arundel Tavern, the Club's second time in the room for this very event.

Executive Committee (left to right): Ursula Beatty - President, Sarafina Zubovic - Area Director, Tom O'Sullivan - VPE, Hannah Castellijn - VPM, Peter Preston - VPPR, Tricia Donaldson - Secretary, Aimee Simpson - Treasurer, Jude Morris - Sergeant-at-Arms

Tom O'Sullivan, the Club's outgoing Sergeant-at-Arms and incoming Vice President Education, MC'd the evening with his usual poise and wit.

The event was well attended by members and guests, including Valerie Sutton and Marty Haynes.

You may notice the room has had an upgrade since the Club's 2016 Changeover dinner. Can you spot the differences?

(Left to right) Hannah Castellijn, Tom O'Sullivan, Nicole Kelly, Nick O'Donnell, Julie Anne Cantwell, Ursula Beatty, Sarafina Zubovic

Thank you to all who attended and made this a special night.

(Left to right, back to front) Marty Haynes, Shane and Tricia Donaldson, Hannah Castellijn, Aimee Simpson, Tom O'Sullivan, Peter Preston, Ian Garvie, Sarafina Zubovic, Jude Morris, Valerie Sutton, Ursula Beatty, Daniel Black