Monday, January 8, 2018

Best of 2017 - Meeting # 756

Report by Ursula Beatty

Our final meeting for the year was held on Wed 13th Dec, 2017.

I was the Toastmaster for the meeting and the intro of members question: "My most memorable moment so far this year...", gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on the past year, both in Toastmasters (see photos and notes below) and in our personal  lives.

As part of her speech, Julie Anne Cantwell gave us a mini workshop and demo on "How to Juggle" - using 3 colourful chiffon scarves. This proved challenging for some and very easy for others: Nicole and Tom were natural Jugglers - and a great skill to have in their busy work and home life! This was a very entertaining and fun way to  finish the meeting and the TM year. 

Here are some of the memorable  TM moments for the year. (See the individual blogs for more details.)

We had many memorable (and not so memorable!)  themes, questions and speeches at our weekly TM meetings, which provided lots of laughs as well as being thought provoking and educational. 
The milestones and TM events outside the club were probably the most memorable for me as VPPR.

We  started a club Facebook page in the middle of 2017, and very soon, we had  some 5 star recommendations. Well done HDB TM club members! HDB Facebook page or click on the link in the sidebar.

January 2017 - Southern Division Leadership training: Ian Garvie, Nick O'Donnell, Sarafina Zubovic, Hannah Castellijn, Christine Lennon, Julie Anne Cantwell, Ursula Beatty and Matasha Nuss. 2017 Southern Division Leadership training

March 2017 Southern Division Conference and speech contests:  Sarafina Zubovic, Christine Lennon, Julie Anne Cantwell (Winner of the Humorous contest.) and Ursula Beatty.
I particularly enjoyed being the contest Chair for the evaluation contest and interviewing the contestants afterwards. 2017 Southern Division Conference and Speech contests

May 2017 District 69 Annual conference and speech contests at Chinchilla, QLD.  
At the Gala  Dinner: Ursula Beatty, Julie Anne Cantwell, Christine Lennon and Sarafina Zubovic.
Julie Anne competed in the Humorous contest the following day and did herself, the club and the Southern division proud. 2017 District 69 annual convention

The Art of speech craft - June 2017. An  Art workshop for our TM members with artist and TM, Rivella Lewis. Rivella gives Christine Lennon some pointers for her seascape work of art. The Art of speech craft - Art workshop

 Committee changeover meeting - June 2017. Outgoing Area Director, Thomas Craft inducts the incoming Committee for 2017-2018: Julie Anne Cantwell (President), Mark Butler (SAA), Ursula Beatty (VPPR), Hannah Castellijn (VPM) and Paul Kirkland (VPE). Missing from photo Aimee Simpson (Treasurer) and  Nicole Kelly (Secretary). 2017 Committee changeover meeting

Club Officer training - June 2017. Sarafina Zubovic (Area 24 Director), Ursula Beatty (VPPR), Mark Butler (SAA) and Julie Anne Cantwell (President). 2017 SD Club officer training - Round 1

 Club speech contest - September 2017. Daniel Black, Sarafina Zubovic, Hannah Castellijn, Julie Anne Cantwell, Ian Garvie and Ursula Beatty. 2017 HDB club speech contests   

Meeting Theme: Pets.- September 2017.  Aimee Simpson and other club  members with special guest, Oliver "Ollie" Pidgeon. Ollie was so impressed, he wrote a special guest report for our blog.
Meeting Theme: Pets - September 2017

Meeting Theme: Oktoberfest.- October 2017. TM Visitor, Alicia Curtis from Gaelic TM in Sydney, helps to liven up our meeting with her presence and a fabulous selfie.

Meeting theme: Parties.-October 2017. We were privileged to have  Mike Storkey (TMI  Immediate past president), visit our early morning October.  L to R: Tom O Sullivan, Julie Anne Cantwell, Mike Storkey, Ken Lee (Kneeling), Ian Garvie, Christine Lennon and Daniel Black.

Area 24 Contest - October 2017. Tom O'Sullivan, Ursula Beatty, Christine Lennon, Julie Anne Cantwell,  Daniel Black, Hannah Castellijn and Sarafina Zubovic (Area 24 Director) 2017 Area 24 Conference and speech contests

 Contestants and place getters at the Area 24 contests (The Toastmasters Games). Ursula Beatty - 2nd in Evaluations; Julie Anne Cantwell -Winner of International and 3rd in Humorous contests, Hannah Castellijn - 3rd in International and Daniel Black - 2nd in Humorous contest. 

December 2017 - Club Officer training, round 2. with some changes to the committee for 2018. Christine Lennon, Matasha Nuss (Incoming VPPR), Sarafina Zubovic (Area 24 Director), Ursula Beatty (Incoming President)  and Tom O'Sullivan (SAA) 

Dec 2017 - Christmas party / end of year get together at the Oxenford Tavern "The Ox", with some members and guests. L to R: Sarafina, Ken, Nicole, Murray, Christine, Zen, Julie Anne, Jude, Daisy, Naomi, Paul, Matasha and Daniel.

This was also a  farewell party for Julie Anne, who relocates and starts a new job in Brisbane in January. Best wishes Julie Anne.

I look forward to sharing more great memories with you in 2018.
 Happy New Year!

2017 Helensvale Daybreak TM club Christmas Party at the Ox Tavern.

Report by Ursula Beatty.

Dec 2017 - Christmas party & end of year get together  at the Oxenford Tavern-  "The Ox", with some members and guests. L to R: Sarafina, Ken, Nicole, Murray, Christine, Zen, Julie Anne, Jude, Daisy, Naomi, Paul, Matasha and Daniel. 

This was also a  farewell party for Julie Anne, who relocates and starts a new job in Brisbane in January. Best wishes Julie Anne, and thank you for all your contributions to the club since you have been a member.

Vale - Joan Small. March 2017

Report by Ursula Beatty.

Vale Joan Small. In March 2017, we sadly had to say goodbye to one of our longstanding and valued TM members. She was 73 years old.
Joan was an active member of Helensvale Daybreak club and Be Change advanced TM club. She  always had an upbeat vibrant personality and speaking voice. Unfortunately, she was  diagnosed with ALS (a form of Motor Neuron Disease) in mid 2016, loosing the  ability to speak, relying solely on technology -  "Text to speech" on her mobile phone and emails, until she eventually lost the ability to type. It was very sad to see her go through this rapid decline. Although she lost the ability to communicate verbally, she still had a sharp mind and could communicate using gestures, which I was very impressed with! 

A mother of 3 sons and grandmother to 9 much loved grandchildren,  Joan was a former teacher and business owner and later became a successful author,  poet and ghost writer. 

Joan served as President of this club in 2015-2016 and held various other leadership roles including VPPR and webmaster, during the course of her membership of TM. She also  mentored/ coached many Toastmasters and members of the writing and poetry clubs that she  belonged to. 

Many of the current and past members of Toastmasters attended her funeral, which was a lovely celebration of her life with her family and her  many friends and associates. I was very pleased to be able to do an  impromptu speech at her funeral, as a friend and fellow Toastmaster. RIP Joan.