Tuesday, December 5, 2017

D69 Southern Division Club officer training Dec 2017

Report by Ursula Beatty
HDB members enjoying the Club officer training at The Robina Community Centre:
Christine Lennon, Matasha Nuss (Incoming VPPR for 2018), Sarafina Zubovic (Area Director 2017-2018); Ursula Beatty (Outgoing VPPR and Incoming President 2018)  and Tom O'Sullivan (Sergeant at arms) 

It was very worthwhile attending the D69 southern division club officer training (COT) on Monday evening (December 4th) at the Robina community centre. We were all very grateful that the forecasted storms and torrential rain didn't  really eventuate. Plus, the M1 motorway, normally pretty congested during the afternoon/early evening, was a breeze with traffic flowing freely all the way from Brisbane. The venue was great too with plenty of parking.

D69 TLI Training officer, Carolyn Shaw did a wonderful job organising this event  from the catering of a light dinner to the training program itself.
Apart from the individual sessions for each club officer role, large group sessions were held in the main hall on topics such as risk management with Christine Lennon; Introduction to Zoom video conferencing with Graham Cairns;
plus most importantly for our clubs; an informative  Q & A session with the SD pathways guides on  how to get all members ready and excited to start the new pathways educational program  which officially starts this Wednesday, though most clubs I suspect will probably wait till the new year to really get started. Bring it on! 

In regard to the 'Zoom' video conferencing, it is interesting to note that some clubs are using this as part of their normal Face to face club meeting or  in specialised online TM clubs, as well as for committee meetings ,where some or all of the participants choose to connect in this way.
The future of toastmasters using the pathways educational programs and technology such as video conferencing is certainly exciting! 

Well done Carolyn and all of the trainers and helpers. 5 stars.