Thursday, November 23, 2017

Area 24 Conference: The Toastmasters games

Report by Ursula Beatty

The Toastmasters games: 'your journey to greatness'  was the theme for this years Area 24 conference and round 2 of the speech contests, held at HiRUM software solutions at Arundel on the Gold Coast on 21st October, 2017.

 Contestants and place getters from HDB at "The toastmasters games":
Ursula Beatty - 2nd place in Evaluation contest; Julie Anne Cantwell - Winner of the International contest and 3rd place in Humorous contest; Hannah Castelijn - 3rd place in  the International contest; Daniel Black - 2nd place in Humorous.

I really enjoyed the experience of competing at this level. It was a great day to connect with fellow toastmasters and coming third in the international speech competition was just a bonus.” Hannah Castelijn

HDB Members and contestants: Tom O'Sullivan, Ursula Beatty, Christine Lennon, Julie Anne Cantwell - winner of International contest, Daniel Black, Hannah Castelijn and Sarafina Zubovic

Speech contest results at a glance. 

Evaluation contest
Table Topics
1st – Linda Hardstaff
1st - Linda Hardstaff
1st – Julie Anne Cantwell
1st – Julie Schafer
2nd – Ursula Beatty
2nd - Judi Jacques
2nd – Judi Jacques
2nd – Daniel Black
3rd – Julia Schafer
3rd - Julia Schafer
3rd – Hannah Castelijn
3rd – Julie Anne Cantwell

"Ursula, Hannah, Daniel and myself competed in the Area 24 Conference speech contest. We all left with medals. We supported each other and gained so much from taking part in the competition. I will be going onto the next level in March so between now and then, I plan to work on the content of my speech and practice the delivery. The challenge of competing is both exciting and nerve wracking, however, like any speech in front of Toastmasters, the audience is interested and receptive and it is so reassuring looking out to those friendly faces. It is so valuable being involved in a contest and I recommend  it to all members.” Julie Anne Cantwell, President of HDB.

Evaluation contest test speaker: Emily Nagle (from Club Runaway 2000) delivered a  very humorous and enjoyable 5-7 min speech for the contestants to evaluate. Thank you Emily.

Evaluation contest Toastmaster, Christine Lennon with participants: Julie Schafer, Judi Jaques, Linda Hardstaff, Ursula Beatty and Hannah Castelijn.

Evaluation contest place getters: 3rd Place - Julia Schafer; 1st Place - Linda Hardstaff;  2nd Place - Ursula Beatty.

Table Topics contestants who answered the question:" It was meant to be a joke, however..."
Julie Anne Cantwell, Linda Hardstaff, Judi Jaques, Ursula Beatty and Julia Schafer

Table Topics contest toastmaster, Marty Haynes congratulates the place getters: 1st place - Linda Hardstaff, 2nd Place - Judi Jaques and  3rd place - Julia Schafer.

Conference Chair, Rachel Pleasant, thanks Guest Speaker, Neil Johnson for his keynote speech.
Neil  (Renowned Brisbane radio personality) both entertained and inspired us with stories of his own personal journey with it's  many trials and tribulations. Originally from Longreach, He has had a long and very interesting career in radio including talk back radio. He gave  some useful advice on how we can all "go for gold"  at these TM games and beyond.

Guest Speaker: Mark Hunter,  DTM and Toastmaster for 22 years. He shared with us his own inspiring journey to becoming the world champion of public speaking  in 2009. Although he reached the finals six times prior to winning, he believed his success was due to putting the time in to crafting and perfecting a winning speech, that was authentic and maintained his individuality and core values, without trying to copy what others winners have done before him.
Rachel Pleasant facilitated a lively and informative Q & A session with Mark following his speech.

International contest participants: Julie Anne Cantwell, Julia Vincent, Ian Garvie, Veronica Dunlop,  Hannah Castelijn and Judi Jaques.

International contest place getters: Judi Jaques - 2nd place; Julie Anne Cantwell - 1st place and Hannah Castelijn - 3rd place.

Humorous contest Toastmaster, Peter Jaques with participants: Daniel Black, Denise Ivory, Julia Schafer, Ian Garvie and Julie Anne Cantwell.

Conference chair, Rachel Pleasant (LHS) and contest toastmasters Peter Jaques (RHS) congratulate Humorous contest winner Julia Schafer ; Daniel Black - 2nd place and  Julie Anne Cantwell - 3rd place.
Humorous contest place getters: Julie Anne Cantwell - 3rd place; Julia Schafer  - 1st place and  Daniel Black - 2nd place.  

You cannot have a speech contest without judges!  Well done and thank you to all of the judges for giving your time and energy to judge all of the contests. Chief Judge Ian Mc Larren with Judges: ? ; Marianne Geevers, Alana Beale, Mitch Drage, Teresa Brake, and Southern Division director Garry Jardine.

Area Director Sarafina Zubovic, congratulates and thanks Rachel Pleasant for her outstanding effort in organising and running this years conference: "The Toastmasters games". Well Done Rachel and Sarafina..

Also, well done to all the contestants and in particular to the HDB contestants who took out 5 medals (1 Gold, 2 silver & 2 bronze) and 1 winning perpetual trophy!  I wish Julie Anne Cantwell all the best in the 3rd round of the speech contests to be held in March 2018, as part of the  southern Division conference