Saturday, September 30, 2017

Helensvale Daybreak TM Club speech contest 2017 - Report by Ursula Beatty

This years club speech contest was held in Christine Lennon's home in Nerang on Saturday 23rd September, 2017. It was an unusually hot spring day and Christine's Air Conditioner was very welcome. It was once again a very successful contest. Thanks to all the participants and  helpers and especially to Christine who organised and hosted the event. Well done.

Helensvale Daybreak club contest participants: Daniel Black, Sarafina Zubovic (Area 24 director), Hannah Castellijn, Julie Anne Cantwell, Ian Garvie and Ursula Beatty.

Contest MC Rod Dixon congratulates Humorous Speech Contest participants: Ian Garvie, Julie Anne Cantwell and Daniel Black.

 Daniel Black responds to MC, Rod Dixon's post contest interview questions, with Ian Garvie and Julie Anne Cantwell.

Humorous speech contest winners: 1st Place - Julie Anne Cantwell; 2nd place - Daniel Black.

Table Topics Contest participants: Ian Garvie, Julie Anne Cantwell, Daniel Black & Ursula Beatty

The Table topic question:  "I was driving along the motorway, when suddenly..."  had to be  answered in a  time of 1.5 to 2.5 mins. As the final participant, it was a weird feeling to come into the room, knowing that I was the only that did not know the question, until I was called up to the stage and given the question by Rod, the contest MC. 

Table Topics contest winners: 2nd Place Julie Anne Cantwell; 1st Place - Ursula Beatty

Ian Garvie and Daniel Black enjoy a chat over lunch

                                                     Sarafina and granddaughter Hannah

 Evaluation contest participants: Ursula Beatty, Ian Garvie and Hannah Castellijn.

Thanks to Colleen Carnes from Robina Sunrise TM club, who gave the 5 - 7 min test speech (for the evaluation contest). She wasn't fazed one bit by Pug and Emo (Christine's much-loved Pug and French bulldog) who were very keen to come into the room and observe her speech. They didn't seem interested in any of the other speeches!!

Evaluation contest winners: 1st place - Ursula Beatty; 2nd Place - Hannah Castellijn

 International Contest participants: Julie Anne Cantwell, Ian Garvie and Hannah Castellijn

International contest winners: 1st Place - Julie Anne Cantwell; 2nd Place - Hannah Castellijn 

Club President, Julie Anne Cantwell thanks the contest MC Rod Dixon for his participation and contribution to the success of this years speech contest.

Also a huge thanks to the contest judges: Ian Mc Larren, Mitch, Deniece and Tracey with Ian Garvie and Christine Lennon  (centre of photo) - contest organiser, tally counter, chef and host.
Missing from photo: Sarafina Zubovic who was timer for the contest with Colleen Cairnes. 

The  Area 24 conference and 2nd round of the speech contests will take place  on the 21st October in Arundel. See the upcoming events tab for more details. 1st and 2nd place getters will go through from our club to this contest. Best wishes to all. 

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