Saturday, January 14, 2017

Full Moon Christmas Party – December 14th 2016. Report by Ursula Beatty

As our early morning meetings are so short (one hour) and structured, it’s nice to have a more relaxed gathering to mix and mingle with members and guests. That is exactly what this years Christmas party provided.
Held at a very different venue to previous years, in the Nerang hinterland, overlooking the entire Gold Coast. Our wonderful hosts for the evening were club President, Christine and her husband Murray.
What a fabulous view we were treated to on this clear and balmy summer’s evening. Witnessing the full moon (a beautiful large pink ball) rising above the ocean was a highlight for me. And later, the entire coastal strip was lit up like a Christmas tree. Sorry: No photos to share unfortunately. The club’s unofficial  photographer was off duty!

It was more casual too and family friendly.  A nice opportunity to get to know or catch up with members , meet their partners and some of their children: Bailey, Jordan, Naomi and Saffron. And of course Christine and Murray's  much loved, four legged boys, Pugzie and Emo.

Everyone brought a plate of food to share. There were some interesting dishes. Nick who is a keen Pizza maker as well as a brewer, made a chocolate Pizza for dessert. Sounded weird but it did taste quite good.

Paul Kirkland and Nick O Donnell were presented with their Competent communicator (CC) awards, after recently completing their 10th toastmasters speeches. Congratulations to both of them. 
Jutta Clough, a former member, was honoured for her dedicated service to the club over the course of her 11+ year membership, which included mentoring numerous new members and serving as Vice President Education and Secretary.
I particularly enjoyed the 'table topics' later in the evening - sitting around the dining table discussing  some very interesting and lively topics.
Something else I appreciated or liked about this party:  our hosts provided proper plates and cutlery, thus saving on disposable landfill items.  A special thank you to Murray for doing the washing up too.
All in all, a very successful and enjoyable evening. Thank again to our hosts Christine and Murray and to everyone who attended. 

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