Saturday, September 17, 2016

Club speech contest September 3rd 2016 - report by Ursula Beatty

The club's annual speech contest was held on Saturday September 3rd, at the Helensvale Community Centre (large hall).  I was particularly pleased to  see newer members taking part and doing so well in this years competition.
For those new to toastmasters, entering a speech contest may be the last thing on your mind, especially if your aim is to  overcome any fears or discomfort in public speaking. 

However, in toastmasters, many people say that speech contest are the best way to rapidly improve as a speaker, as the competition pushes you to do your best. Whether you are a newbie to public speaking or an old hand, Speech contests are an excellent way of  improving your speech delivery and performance, as well as honing your speech craft skills.   
"Feel the fear and do it anyway." There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day knowing that you gave it your best shot, you survived and even enjoyed the experience! If you win a prize that is an even bigger bonus.

"What a wonderful experience to put into 'contest style', everything I have been doing on Wednesday mornings. There was still the same friendly, encouraging faces and comments from all the other contestants, judges and spectators. Glad I gave it a shot!" Julie Anne Cantwell (contestant)

Well done and thank you to everyone that participated and helped with the organising and running of this successful event, and to those that came along as a spectator.
Thank you also to the panel of experienced judges (see photo below) who gave up their time to judge for us.
Congratulations to the winners and runners up for each contest (Hanna Casteliijn - Evaluations contest, Beverley Bradbery - Table Topics and International Contests ; Julie Anne Cantwell - Humorous contest) who will now go forward to represent the club at the next round of the contests: Area 24 Speech contest on Oct 30th, 2016. I wish them all the very best.
Ursula Beatty (VPPR ,  Contest organiser and MC for the event.)

Evaluation Contest toastmaster Sarafina Zubovic congratulates Evaluation contest test speaker,
Rod Dixon (From Southport TM club). Thanks Rod for your lively speech

Contest Toastmaster Sarafina,  Interviews Evaluation contestants:
Julie Anne Cantwell and Hannah Castellijn

Sarafina congratulates Evaluation contest winner Hannah Castellijn (right)
and  2nd place Julie Anne Cantwell

Table Topics contest Toastmaster Ron Steffan interviews contestant Beverley Bradbery (far right)
with other contestants Julie Anne Cantwell, Hannah Castellijn and Rivella Lewis looking on

Ron Steffan , Table topics toastmaster congratulates winner Beverley Bradbery (Right)
and 2nd place Rivella Lewis

Ron Steffan , Table topics toastmaster congratulates winner Beverley Bradbery (on Right)
and 2nd place Rivella Lewis

International contest Toastmaster Ursula Beatty (on right) interviews contestant :
Hanna Casteliijn (Centre) and Beverley Bradbery

L to R: International speech Contest TM Ursula Beatty (Right) congratulates
runner up Hanna Casteliijn (left) and winner Beverley Bradbery (right)

Humorous Speech contest:  L to R
Rivella Lewis (3d Place), Beverley Bradbery (2nd Place) and Julie Anne Cantwell (1st Place).

Humorous speech contest TM Jutta Clough (right) congratulates:
Rivella Lewis (3d Place), Beverley Bradbery (2nd Place) and Julie Anne Cantwell (1st Place).

What a blooming lovely bunch of judges!  L to R
Francesca Thorne, Bob Simpson, Ann Yates,  Marianne Gevers,
,Nerelle Pemberthy
and Valerie Sutton