Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Introducing Helensvale Daybreak Toastmasters

Welcome to the Helensvale Daybreak Toastmasters Website

Joan Small: President 2015-16
Toastmaster member since 2002, Level: Advanced Toastmaster Gold
The benefits I have obtained from being a toastmaster member are too many to list them all. I have developed in my speaking skills and confidence on a personal level, in my business and in giving outside talks to libraries and groups on a variety of topics including speaking about my books. I feel confident in being a 'leader' and in my communication skills on every level.
Toastmasters is a safe and friendly place to overcome fears of public speaking.
Helensvale Daybreak meets between 7 and 8 am every Wednesday so is perfect for employees, self-employed people, managers and anyone who likes to start the day with inspiration and the opportunity to learn leadership and communication in a safe and friendly environment.
Speeches by members are on a variety of topics chosen by them - so come along and enjoy the Toastmaster experience as a guest and decide whether you would like to become a member. 

Sarafina Zubovic - 

Level: Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Leader Bronze  
Being from a non English-speaking background, through Toastmasters I have learned to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. Toastmasters provided a friendly and safe environment for me to develop confidence in public speaking. Participation in Toastmasters has helped me to keep my mind sharp and agile. Over the years I have held a number of executive positions and improved confidence in my leadership skills tremendously. I use the communication and leadership skills I gained through Toastmasters daily in my personal life to deal with different situations and people at private and official levels to achieve win-win results.  I find Toastmasters meetings enjoyable, stimulating and uplifting. You meet interesting people, form meaningful friendships and always learn something new.

Rebecca Brown:   
I joined Toastmasters because I needed to do public speaking at work, and it made me extremely anxious for days beforehand.  I hated being the centre of attention.
I'm happy to say that once I joined Toastmasters, my fear of public speaking quickly decreased, and my competence improved rapidly. 
I particularly like Helensvale Daybreak Toastmasters Club because it is a such a friendly, encouraging and safe place to learn and practice the art of public speaking. The early morning meetings suit me because I can fit them in before work.  I know I will always come away having spent a fun and worthwhile hour with a great bunch of people.
Joining Toastmasters is the best thing I have done in a long time.  I only wish I had plucked up the courage earlier and saved myself a lot of public speaking jitters over the years!' Read More

Steve Dalton
As a tech guy my brain is wired in a way that means I'm naturally introvert. My life has been a continual journey of stepping outside my comfort zone, and Toastmasters has been a great tool to force me out of my shell.

Since joining Toastmasters I've been able to lead teams, facilitate meetings, run numerous events and conferences, pitch to investors in Silicon Valley and speak on the TV and radio. Thank you to all my wonderful Toastmasters friends for helping me to where I am today.

Listen to Member Steve Dalton's interview on technology after visiting Silicon Valley here

Janet Rayner: Vice President Public Relations 
Toastmaster member since 2014, Level: Competent Communicator
I was recommended to find a Toastmasters Club during a consultation with a business mentor.  I liked that Helensvale Daybreak was in the morning so I could attend then go to work.
Immediately the members were friendly and encouraging to me in every way.  I was appointed a mentor and with a little time I discovered the transformation in myself from hesitant to confident.
I have found that Toastmasters is a safe and supportive environment. I would encourage anyone wanting to build on their presentation skills, overcome fears of public speaking or even just to become a more competent communicator to come along to Helensvale Daybreak.