Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starting a new Club

By Jutta Masterton

Dennis Bollington, Manager of the Griffith University Student Guild, has made the brave initiative to start a new Club in the northern area of the Gold Coast. A Club based at the Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University in Southport. The  members will be mainly students and some staff from the University. After advertising to all students and staff, about 35 people attended a Sample Meeting.

Three speeches and Table Topics were squeezed into a short one hour timeslot. The meeting sparked much interest among those who attended, and it seemed others who were unable to attend the Sample Meeting. The First Meeting, the following week, attracted 30 people and 3 Ice Breaker speeches.

What an achievement!

Both, from Denis and many dedicated members of his Elanora Early Morning TM Club, and from three very eager and promising speakers. The second meeting again had about 30 people attend, and two more Ice Breakers.

With this amount of enthusiasm shown by students, the Club is set to be chartered soon with an initial 28 members. Congratulations to Dennis Bollington and the Elanora Early Morning Club for forming the new Griffith Guild Toastmasters.

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