Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Backwards Meeting

We have just had a "Backwards" meeting, the first in a long time, and some of our newer members (and the more experienced ones) had hilarious moments of "back to front" state of mind or was that confusion?
How do you comment about a speech you haven't even heard yet?
It is like a Government making a victory speech before knowing the results of an election?!?!?!
Only at Toastmasters it is a lot more fun.

After a life changing event . . . .

Joining Helensvale Toastmasters was one of the most rewarding decisions I ever made. In a friendly atmosphere, I progressed through the initial program at my own comfortable pace. Gaining confidence in communicating has helped me in my work and my private life. As a Toastmaster, you are part of the journey other members take in developing into confident and skilful speakers. It's a lot of fun, keeps the grey matter healthy and many interesting, informative and entertaining stories have been told.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Southern Division Conference and a Toastmasters' Christmas

The Toastmasters District 69 Southern Division Conference was on 15 March '08 and held at Twin Towns Club Banora.

Our newer members weren't sure what to expect from a Toastmasters Conference. The main highlights were several speech contests, in categories such as Humour, off-the-cuff Table Topics, Speech Evaluation and cumulating in International Speech Contest. It was thoroughly entertaining and educational. Sharon, Jutta, Ursula and I had fun imagining how we would have responded to the Table Topic, which was "I hope I never...".

Our very own Don represented the club in a field of very talented speakers in the International Speech Contest. He is the third person from the right in the photo. Don held the audience spellbound with a speech titled "Over the Wall".

Coincidentally, it was also election weekend. However this didn't stop Don's cheer squad, the Helensvale Toastmasters and his family, from coming along to support him. All of us thought he did a fine job in surpassing his previous performance. Well done Don! Unfortunately the judges didn't quite agree. Susan Flemming won the International Speech contest with her passionate speech about domestic violence and we wish her well for the District 69 Convention on May Day weekend.

A Toastmasters' Christmas

Every year we celebrate Christmas in a way that only Helensvale Toastmasters know how.
Elves, reindeer, other unidentifiables and honoured guests attended the Christmas 2007 meeting. Here are the photos from the happy occasion. Thanks to Ursula for providing them.

Not all the happy snaps are here. Members, please contact Ursula or Rebecca if there is a photo you're after.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Birth of a Blog!

Hello and a very warm welcome!

You are looking at the Helensvale Daybreak Toastmasters' new pulpit.

Toastmasters is all about building communication skills among friends.
We meet every Wednesday morning at 7am in the Helensvale Community Centre, Discovery Drive, Helensvale. Come along for a look-see, contact us or leave a comment here.

We'd love to hear from you!

Club news and member musings will appear here, so bookmark this page and stay tuned!

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